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Saturday 1st April At the start of this new month, we thank God for the change of seasons, and the promise of new life seen all around us, in fields, parks and gardens.
Sunday 2nd April Please join us for Communion at either of our two morning services today, at 9.00am and at 10.45am, as we continue our sermon series on Joseph. Also, Live at 7 takes place tonight at 7.00pm, with the church doors open from 6.30pm for refreshments.
Monday 3rd April We pray for all the children and young people who are members of our church family as they rest for the Easter school holidays. May they enjoy spending time with God, their families and friends, while understanding why Jesus died for us and rose again on Easter Sunday.
Tuesday 4th April Wachira’s church held their Parish AGM on 19th March, so let us pray with him for their new leadership team, and ask the Lord to use them to grow His church and ministry in Kibera, Kenya.
Wednesday 5th April Please pray for the huge emerging famine situation in Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen and Nigeria.  May humanitarian aid get through despite war, drought and the imminent start of the rainy season. We pray for God’s judgment against corrupt rulers and warlords, especially in South Sudan, and against the deadly Islamist movements such as Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabab in Somalia.  We also pray for neighbouring countries such as Uganda, now harbouring millions of refugees, with thousands more crossing the borders each day.
Thursday 6th April Tomorrow is World Health Day, and this year’s theme is depression. This most prevalent of all mental health problems affects so many people, often with devastating consequences. Let us pray for a better understanding of what depression is, improved ways to prevent and treat it, and a reduction in the stigma which stops so many sufferers seeking help.
Friday 7th April Let us pray today for the Street Pastors, and ask that God will bring more volunteers to the group, so they can increase their patrols.
Saturday 8th April As the evangelism team continue to sow the Gospel on Church Square each Saturday, we pray that much fruit will result. May the Lord’s Kingdom and His Church continue to grow, in size and depth of faith in His love and His rescue plan for us.
Sunday 9th April Today is Palm Sunday, so let us thank God for the humility of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, as we receive our palm leaves. May many people attend our services this morning, and really focus on the meaning of the palm leaves they receive. Our APCM is held today at 12.15pm, so do attend if you can.
Monday 10th April If you are able to come to church this evening, or any evening this week, for our Holy Week reflection at 7.00pm, please do.
Tuesday 11th April Wachira has asked us to pray for the children he and his family support in Kibera, as they prepare for their end-of-term exams. May God bless the children so they all achieve their full potential.
Wednesday 12th April As Holy Week continues, may we all aim to be as humble and obedient as Jesus, and thank Him for His marvellous example. Today is the last Lent lunch, and all are welcome at the “Eat at Twelve” Missional Community, so please come if you are able for soup and a roll at 12.00pm. We thank the team, particularly Derek and Emily, who have looked after this ministry each week.
Thursday 13th April Tonight, on Maundy Thursday, we remember the first time Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his disciples at the Last Supper.
Friday 14th April On Good Friday, let us remember today the greatest sacrifice of all, when our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and died for our sins. There is a Morning Worship service at 10.30am and an Hour at the Cross service at 2.00pm, so please come if you can.
Saturday 15th April Our flower arranging team will be decorating the church today with beautiful flowers to celebrate Easter. We thank Linda for leading the team and for all the ladies who give their time to this important ministry.
Sunday 16th April Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia! Let us celebrate Jesus rising from the dead today, Easter Sunday, and tell others the Good News that our God lives.
Monday 17th April As today is Easter Bank Holiday Monday, we pray for families who may have plans for spending quality time together. May children and their parents and grandparents enjoy whatever they choose to do today
Tuesday 18th April We continue to pray for the physical and emotional recovery of all those injured, bereaved and traumatised by the terrorist attack on Westminster on 22nd March. May their wounds and their minds be healed, with them receiving all the compassion and support they need.
Wednesday 19th April Please pray for everyone who attends our Midweek Communion, and for Derek & Emily who help each week. May the 1.20pm service continue to be a time of strong fellowship and deepening faith.
Thursday 20th April Jigsaw starts again today after the Easter break, so we pray for the children who attend, and their leaders.
Friday 21st April Today is the 91st birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, so we thank God for our monarch and for her deep Christian faith, and for her strength and constancy in serving her Lord, and her people.
Saturday 22nd April We thank God for our various Missional Communities – they all cater to different people and serve different needs, so there should be one suitable for everybody. If you are not yet a member, and are interested in joining, please speak to David or one of our Church Wardens, Derek & Roy.
Sunday 23rd April Our sermon series on Joseph continues at this morning’s services, so please hear our preachers as they speak. Also, today is St George’s Day, and it is believed he protested against the persecution of Christians, and stayed true to his faith when he was imprisoned and tortured. Many Christians are still being persecuted today, so we pray they will find the same strength, courage and resilience as St George.
Monday 24th April Let us pray for the Kibera Ladies Fellowship at Wachira’s church in Kenya. May they continue growing in fellowship with God and one another.
Tuesday 25th April Today is World Malaria Day – this disease remains both a major cause and a consequence of global poverty and inequity. Its burden is greatest in the least developed areas and among the poorest members of society. Many of those most vulnerable, especially pregnant women and young children (one of whom dies of malaria every 2 minutes) still cannot access life-saving prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Let us pray for continuing funds to make the current means of preventing and treating malaria more readily available.
Wednesday 26th April May God bless Esther and Grace, the twin girls making good progress on AREP’s Girls Equipped To Serve (GETS) programme in Mbarara, Uganda. This is a vocational programme of Christian discipleship, led by Mabel. Please also pray for Grace as she undergoes extensive dental treatment.
Thursday 27th April Please pray for Jean, the house mother of the AREP Kampala base as she gets the new shop unit ready for trading.  May she use the loan funds wisely and may the clothes shop do well on this busy road in Ntinda, Kampala. Also, pray for Joe, one of the AREP lads who is not in education, employment or training this year.  He wants to plant maize and beans on a rented acre of land in Bweyale, so may the Lord make a way for him to do this.
Friday 28th April Please pray for our team of Street Pastors, as they patrol again tonight. We particularly ask that the number of volunteers may increase with God’s blessing. May He send the Street Pastors to the people He wants them to help, giving them the words and the skills they need in each situation.

Saturday       We thank Brian and the team of volunteers who have been opening the church on
29th April       Saturdays for some time now. It is wonderful to have the doors open on the busiest day of the
week in the town centre, and to encourage people to come into our building, especially if it
their first time here, or in any church. Please pray for the growth of this important ministry.          __________________________________________________________________________________
Sunday           As this month ends, let us thank our Lord Jesus Christ for dying for us on the cross and
30th April       
rising again on Easter Sunday, bringing us salvation and the promise of eternal life.